Asian Translation Service provides the following services:

According to Webster's translating means "to put (a word, text, or language) into another language retaining the sense." Translation is the mainstay of ATS. We can provide quality translation from English into Burmese, Cambodian, Cebuano, Chinese, Hmong, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Malay, Mongolian, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese. Likewise, we can have documents translated from each of these languages into English.

Normally, editing goes hand-in-hand with translation. We recommend, and most clients require, a thorough review of translated material. Ideally, this editing review will be done by a second person because another set of eyes can frequently catch what a first set may not have. The editor checks spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, tone, consistency, and usage in the target language. The editor should compare the translation to the original source language document to insure accuracy. Editors should check to see that the style of the translation is consistent with that of the source language, but should not make changes merely based on personal preference. ATS provides editing bundled with translation or as a separate service.

ATS can arrange for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. These can be done telephonically or in person. If a client needs someone on site, we have interpreters who are willing to travel. However, when possible we will check our network of linguists to arrange for someone local to do the job in order to save the client money. If a physical presence is not needed, we can set up a three-way call to provide the service.

Transcription in the language services industry means the rendering of spoken language into written form. Researchers, insurance companies, and government agencies--law enforcement, courts, and other--may have recorded interviews, conversations, consentually monitored communications, or Title III wiretaps. If the project involves the latter, we may even be able to provide a linguist that has gone through a police records check and obtained a government security clearance. Our linguists can transcribe tape recorded messages into a standard word processing application.

We can provide typing or data entry into all of our target languages. Sometimes a client may only have a "hard copy" document in a foreign language and want an electronic version. Other times they may have an electronic version of a document in one format but need it another. For example, they may have an article from a local Asian language newspaper that they want an electronic copy of to send to relatives via E-mail. Likewise, they may have a form translated in Microsoft Word for a PC platform but need it in PageMaker for a MacIntosh platform. In either case, ATS can provide a linguist to type the information into the desired application.

ATS can provide language consulting services to clients who want to communicate effectively in one of our Asian languages. These services include checking the translation of product names, ads, and tag lines to make sure that they are not culturally offensive in the foreign language or potentially embarrassing to the client. (We can help you avoid mistakes like Chevrolet trying to market the Nova in Mexico where "no va" means "no go." Not exactly the message you want to portray when you're selling a car!) Another consulting service is simply providing advice on whether something even needs to be translated or not. Finally, we may be able to provide recommendations on the acquisition and use of Asian language fonts, software applications, or hardware requirements.